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writer's block

The Broke Person’s Guide to Curing Writer’s Block

How to conquer writer’s block (when that whole ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ thing isn’t exactly in the budget). Writer’s block is a bitch. Don’t bother fighting her. Try it — I dare you. Scour the internet for tips and tricks to banish her. Play your classical music as loud as you can. Run endless, idiotic laps around your living room until your neighbor below takes a broom to the ceiling. Sign up for Tinder (again). Reluctantly agree        …read more

The Glass Room: Where the Secret Side of Mental Illness Lives

According to Hollywood, mental illness may involve temper tantrums and crime fighting. This is what it looks like for me. Dr. Katz is the smartest person I’ve ever met. I hate him. He’s purposely using words I don’t understand. A test. He’s trying to see how smart I am, how much I already know about myself. I definitely know I don’t want to be here. I know I’m hungry. And I think my parking meter’s        …read more

Tinder article

Tinder Supersized Me: Here’s why you should get out now

Tinder Supersized me. Made me the worst person I could possibly be. Not on purpose. It just happened. Let me explain… Week 1 on Tinder I felt elated. Empowered. Overwhelmed with validation as my matches began racking up by the hundreds. You’re beautiful. Stunning. Wow — you’re so hot. Tell me your thoughts. What did you dream about last night? What’s your family like? It’s refreshing how smart you are — how funny you are —        …read more