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Rob Kozlowski is a Chicago-based writer who teaches in the Cinema and Television Arts Department at Columbia College. He taught comedy writing for 14 years at Second City Training Center.

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Garlic Is More Than the Best Food Ever — It’s the Stuff of Legends

Myths and legends for National Garlic Day. National Garlic Day is April 19, and you might wonder why you’re not getting the day off from work to honor what Merriam-Webster calls “a European allium (Allium sativum) widely cultivated for its pungent compound bulbs much used in cookery.” Allium is “any of a large genus (Allium) of bulbous herbs of the lily family including the onion, garlic, chive, leek, and shallot.” If you didn’t know garlic        …read more

Wes Anderson movies

5 Wes Anderson Movies to Watch ahead of 'Isle of Dogs'

Your guide to understanding Wes Anderson movies. After an interminable four-year wait, the new Wes Anderson movie is here at last: Isle of Dogs, Anderson’s ninth film and second stop-motion animated effort, releases March 23. It’s been 22 years since Anderson’s feature debut Bottle Rocket, and in the years since, he’s become an indie film institution. With an aesthetic that even the most untrained viewer of cinema can spot 100 miles away, Anderson has        …read more

Oscar blunder

7 Worst Oscar Blunders of All Time

They’re back! On March 4, the 90th Academy Awards are here to frustrate us again with undeserving winners. I distinctly remember watching the Oscars in early 1983 and crying when Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi won Best Picture over Steven Spielberg’s E.T. I was a sad, bitter 11-year-old. I had no Twitter to amplify my angst to an unsuspecting world about this obvious Oscar blunder, but the sour taste of defeat still resonates 35 years later. Hollywood        …read more

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison Was a Terrible Man

Genius inventor Thomas Edison was also a genius at being awful. Among the many contradictions that make up the United States of America, one that resonates throughout the lives of nearly everyone is that many of the wonderful toys we get to use can be directly traced to a terrible man. Thomas Edison, whose birthday we commemorate on February 11, was, in fact, terrible. Long celebrated as an American hero for his genius in inventing        …read more

Tarzan movies

100 Years of Tarzan Movies

Based on a literary relic of the early 20th century, Tarzan movies keep coming back. January marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of Tarzan of the Apes, the first of many Tarzan movies that would be produced over the next century. Tarzan. The name brings up images of a loincloth-adorned, super-cut athlete, swinging through the jungle on conveniently placed vines. With his mate, the formerly civilized Jane, and his chimpanzee friend Cheeta by his        …read more

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin the Satirist

Charlie Chaplin’s films remain timely 100 years later. One hundred years ago Charlie Chaplin, a wealthy comedian, brought the plight of poverty and the struggle of immigrants to the world stage with two masterful short comedies, Easy Street and The Immigrant (both released in 1917). Technically primitive by today’s standards — black-and-white, silent, displaying a theatrical artificiality — these films are masterpieces of the kind of social satire told from the perspective of the downtrodden        …read more

Get Out

‘Get Out’ Is the Best Picture of 2017, and Here’s Why

Satire is hard, and ‘Get Out’ gets it right. Danger: Spoilers lie within! Get Out, Jordan Peele’s feature film debut as a writer and director, was the best picture of 2017. I say this without having seen every picture in 2017, so while this technically should disqualify my opinion, let’s take a look at why I’m right. Every critic does it anyway. First, what does “best” mean? “Best” is not just a subjective judgment of the        …read more