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Scott L. Wolfson is an award-winning songwriter, professional musician, graphic artist, and writer of prose, drama, and fiction. He spends his free time thinking about what to do if he ever gets free time.

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Game of Thrones women

8 'Game of Thrones' Women Ruling the World

‘Game of Thrones’ women govern their world. The men only think they’re in charge. Times are certainly changing, albeit slowly. But if you grew up when I did and were a fan of fantasy comics, books and movies, there was one certainty — the heroes were men. How many video games or books could be boiled down to “saving the princess”? And even when there were women who weren’t helpless damsels in distress, they were        …read more

adaptation movie, books that are made into movies

From Harry Potter to Wonder Woman: Which Adaptations Succeed and Why?

A look at some of the best and worst TV and movie adaptations and what determines a successful transition from book to screen. For voracious readers, it’s often a double-edged sword when our favorite comic books, graphic novels, and novels are adapted to TV shows and movies. Avid fans will always be upset by revisions, and they’ll certainly love the books more. Often changes seem to be made for change’s sake, and adaptations lose the        …read more

media representation

A Closer Look at Media Representations of Jewish People

How Jews have been presented in film and TV, and why media representation matters. In an episode of Master of None, the characters talk about media representation of Indian people and other marginalized groups. Their conclusion is that there have been great strides recently, if you’re Black or gay. Now, growing up Jewish in the Midwest, I spent a good portion of my life looking at how we were represented. That is, not too well.        …read more

Jewish Creators

How the Jewish Experience Gave Rise to Our Favorite Comic Book Heroes

Whether consciously or not on the part of the Jewish creators and innovators, what comes to mind when we think of comics and superheroes comes straight out of troubled times for Jews. Comic books are lifted from the myths, plights and religious teachings of the Jewish people. Let’s start with the framework for comics as we know them. It’s 1933, the heart of the Great Depression, and M.C. Gaines (born Maxwell Ginzberg) needs an idea        …read more

indie comics

Did Our Favorite Indie Comics Grow Up or Sell Out?

How did indie comics ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and ‘The Tick’ rise from cult followings to franchises, and what did they give up for mass appeal? When I saw that a new version of The Tick was coming out — from creator Ben Edlund, no less — I was ecstatic. However, the pilot was not the laugh riot I expected. I was leery of the dark, serious tone and the direction it was taking. An        …read more