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Star Wars Makeup Collection

The Pop Culture Makeup Collection: For Better or For Worse

Sometimes a media makeup collection is a stretch, but sometimes it nails it. You can make merchandise out of anything. It seems as though every semipopular story franchise now comes fully equipped with action figures, posters and Hot Topic T-shirts. But that’s not where it stops and, as any pop culture enthusiast has surely discovered by now, makeup palettes are a popular addition to media, from Cinderella to The Simpsons. Whether you want to paint your        …read more

Some Dreams Are Worth Writing For

How my obsession with writing has evolved and endured. An “About Me” poster from my kindergarten days claims that at one point I wanted to be an Olympic ice skater, but I can’t remember a time when I wanted to be anything other than a writer. All of my memories point to that lofty ideal, to a stack of slim volumes of my writing that now lies gathering dust on a shelf in my parents’        …read more