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Tour the World with 7 Incredible Instagram Photographers

Escape into exotic images captured by Instagram photographers from every continent. Everyone can agree that social media platforms like Instagram have changed everything, expanding what we can see and experience. Culture can meet culture in a variety of ways online through the visual inspiration of an Instagram photographer. Following Instagrammers from around the world can take us out of the familiar, introducing us to beliefs, ideas and lives that are so different (but often so similar, too)        …read more

Irish in America: From the White House to Where the Streets Have No Name

4 artistic and cultural contributions of the Irish in America. Many see St. Patrick’s Day as a time to get drunk. Others wonder why we celebrate the holiday at all. To be fair, many don’t realize why such a small country as Ireland could be so important, but the Irish have greatly influenced the United States. In fact, the two nations’ histories are intertwined. Ireland is a small country, but the size hides its heart. Visiting it today, one feels        …read more